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question about 7950 OCing

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May 6, 2008
I have been messing with my 7950 for a while now.

I can run 1.2v

I was trying to get above 1200mhz. I could get some benchmarks to run 1250mhz, but no more. I was slowly increasing volts and decided to try 1.3 and computer instantly froze. No benchmarks was running at the time.

I thought it was weird that a video card/comp would freeze just because Volts were changed.?

1200mV and 1200Mhz seems to be my max for core. Now to work on mem.


1.2V core @ 1200mhz

1.5v mem @ 1600 I might be able to push ram more, but I am happy with this.

According to the 3 benchmarks I used Unigine heaven, Unigine Valley, and msi kombustor 3. I have a 20% increase in FPS

Now to get my new CPU (i7-950) under water.
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That's a very nice OC for a 7950!

The ram nodules are rated for 1.6v +/- 5% : you can push to 1.65v without issue.

Try incrementing voltage and clocks slowly: sometimes giving too much of a jump in one or the other from stock clocks makes the system freeze/crash.

I had loads of 7970's and 280x'x 9a dozen of them), withh all of them, scaling was really poor above 1.32v. And temperature doesn't go much into play up to 70c at high clocks.

Still have one now, and increasing voltage from 1.32v to 1.35v only allows a 10MHz increase (on water, but was behaving the same on air). It seems 1.3v is the sweet spot.

I am talking about 7970's/280x's, but the 7950 being a cut down model, same should go for those.