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Question about a mixed product (this is plain messed)

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Dec 20, 2000
A golden Chrome orb has been IDed.
i own one...

now, i'd poist this somewhere else, but theres no real place for mounting....

Would a chorb clip not being designed for S370, be able to do damage, via the clamping system? my last mobo had the data lines scratched, so tehy voided my warantee. But if they sold my a Socket A designed HS/F, and put it in teh Socket 370 ONLY box, its there fault, right?? i'm so lost here.... dont now if i should cry or yell....... Daniel, please dont move this, even i need your help.... this has to do with almosy 200 CDN, and some of you know i need this money. I posted a (large) pic in cooling.... this is odd..... i have to know...

I know a socket370 gorb on a socket A will damage the chip, but will a chrome orb be able to scratch a S370's data lines easily?? i always had to put alot of pressure to get this on... am VERY lost here...


Senior Member
Dec 20, 2000
Albany, NY
If I understand you right, whoever supplied you with the mobo supplied you with the orb, or the orb was mislabeled, correct? If that is the case, it would seem that their product packaging was at fault, and you should be covered. Have you contacted who you got the orb from?


Dec 20, 2000
yes to both!!! thank you!!! you are a freakin; godsend.
i'll rip 'em a new one
thats where i got it...
they have a really S**** waranty on everything...

but prices are good...
i'd rather deal with supplier then them, tho....

who wants a golden chrome orb?? i wonder if it'll crack the die as easily as a chrome orb/SupaOrb?


so happy....

damnit, and i actully had 1 be4, and returned it, 'caseu a fan blade broke out, and flung out, making the cat jump about six feet in the air, and it was like this. The packaging also says it's a twister, and Socket370 only...