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Question about case cooling

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Jan 1, 2001

I just bought 2 more 90mm fans blowing in. Should i have put them blowing out of the case? i cut holes in the side of my case and mounted them one directly accross from the CPU the other right under cooling the motherboard and the graphics card. And i also i have 1 in the front blowing in and one in the back blowing out. my temp is 47c CPU and Mb is 32c this is only on idle. I have a Alpha Pal 6035 heatsink and a sunon 60*60*25mm fan on the heatsink that came with my alpha.

does this sound right to you ?

Any advice on how i can make it cooler then it is now??

That is too hot with your setup - check the contact between your alpha and the cpu core. Make sure it's sitting level on the core (that there's no gaps) and that you've used a nice thin layer of thermal compound (you are using thermal compound i hope?). I'm assuming when you say you've cut holes for the fans you mean big circular holes for all of them - see the attached pic of my case for what I mean (I'm sure you do, I just wanted an excuse to play with my new digital camera ;P )

I checked the contact with the cpu and the heatsink it looks good no gap. I did apply thin layer of thermal grease. I looked at the holes that i cut and they are nice and round prefetly enough for all that cool air to get through. but my temps are still extremly too high. i dont know why. Any suggestions??

You m/b temp is 32C. Either your room is hot (~26-28C) or warm air is not being effectively vented from the case. You need to create an *airflow*, which means cool air in, warm air out. Trying to only pump more air in doesn't work -- it ain't a balloon :)

Alright i flipped the CPU fan around to make it blow away from the heatsink. Now my temp went down to 44c idle.

I also flipped the 2 90mm fans i put in so it blows out. Now my motherboard temp is at 28c.

Reason my CPU is so hot maybe because its at 1.96vcore?


Asus A7V, Tbird800 @ 1020, 1.96vcor, FSB 102