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question about gladiator and delta 80mm

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New Member
Jul 24, 2001
hi everyone although im not new ive been away a while.i have a kt7a-r with phase 1@2 voltage mods as well as the 5v mod.i am stable at 1560 2.08 vcore.i am currently using the thermoengine with delta 7000rpm.if i could raise my voltage slightly and/or keep my temps down i feel i could get 1600 stable(my aircooled goal).
in your opinions would a gladiator with the "funnel adapter"and one of those 68cfm 80mm delta fans(using the 80 to 60mm funnel adapter) with some AS2 be a significant difference in temps over what im using?my thermal compound is not as2 either by the way.im getting about 54c full load with the thermistor bend up where it contact the bottom of the cpu(i have to actually hold down while i close the zif lever)

if you have any suggestions or opinions i would appreciate them
certainly, any hsf funneling that much air especially a good one like the Gladiator is going to be better. Can you stand the noise of a delta 80 is the question.
From most reports of adapters, you usually don't get very much results. Generally, you can expect a few degrees F difference. If it matters that much to you, go for it. Upgrading to AS II should also help a bit
well would you say that combo would cool better than my thermoengine and delta 7k?would a sk6 and delta 7k work better?
w/ the gladiator

i would recommend trying it w/ the adapter but sucking air away from the core.

because the gladiator is soo short it seems to get equivalent performance and sometimes better performance when pulling air thru the hs vs pushing air thru the hs.

w/ the adapters, you get the turbulence affect when trying to push air thru, but when pulling air away, it seems mb you won't get that affect as much.

me personally right now, if i were spending money on a hs i'd seriously look at the zalman 5000 or the zalman 3100.
do you thing the zalman coolers would provide better cooling

i can get the gladiator,funnel adapter,and 68cfm 80mm fan for around 55-60 bucks and thats around what im willing to spend on it cause im trying to go water cooling but i need to find out how to recharge this phase change system i have my hands to cool the water
I've been thinking about getting the funnel adapter and the delta68 for my gladiator. I've never used a funnel adapter, but i do know that the gladtor benifets greatly from more air flow. The funnel adapter (i think your taling about the one from 1coolpc) seems farely decent, and it claims that the hs will get 100% air that is delivered from the 80mm fan, if thats the case your looking at a hsf that will boast a c/w of .14 - .16

I would get it, you will have a good hsf. I would buy it now but i am REALLY low on cash, good luck and tell us how it performs :)
I would seriously conside going with AS2, an SK-6 and the Delta alone. It that does not get it for you, then consider the fanadapter. For the speeds you are getting at the temp you are getting them at, you can benefit greatly from reducing the temp. For the cost of the 80mm delta and fanadapter, you can almost buy a centrifugal blower ala Hoot Chute. That blower, when paired up with the SK-6 and implemented per my article, will lower your cpu temp at least 10C over a ThermoEngine.