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Question about IRQ Numbers.....

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Feb 2, 2001
I have more than 1 things I guess using one IRQ number. Like all are fine till it hits 9 then there are 2, 9's, 1 for Audio Device and other For "ACPI IRQ Holder for PCI IRQ Steering" and 3 for 10 My NIC card and Exact same thing as That which I just stated and "SCI IRQ used by ACPI Bus". Then 11 has 2..One for Video Card and "ACPI IRQ Holder for PCI IRQ Steering" again...Can I get rid of this? or what? and also...14 & 15 have 2 each 1 For Primary/Secondary Controllers (dual Fifo) whatevr that means...And "Via bus Master PCI IDE Controller" what are these for and could these be the reason I can't O/C that much and Why I can't Set Jumper on IWill KK266 Board to 133 and still boot up? Will someone help me out and let me know what to do to make these have the Different IRQ #'s or Delete them. Thank you for your Time.
Your system is sharing irqs, the pci steering is the systems place holder for the irqs that the system is sharing. The items on irq 14 and 15 are the harddrive controller. What version of windows are you using?
WinME....So how do I unshare them? Cause I know they're not supposed to. I Know what everything is...I need to know if it's bad and how I can Un Share them. than you for your Help
Your irq configuration sounds ok to me crispy. With it the way you stated, I wouldn't think it would be prone to crashing, and I seriously doubt that is holding you back from hitting 133 bus. As for those pci steering ones, they only show up when the device is an addon card, and you can't remove them. Don't worry as they aren't causing you any harm :) Were you able to run at 100 bus and pci +33 memory speed (133 memory speed). That will prove weather your memory can handle 133. You can also try removing your hard disks and booting with a floppy to see if your hard disks are holding you back. Are you sure your cpu is adjusting the multipliers correctly?
How can I tell if they are adjusting the right way? Yeah I can do the pci +33...I have 256MB of OCZ Micro BGA PC166. so I don't think it's the Ram. I'll Unhook HD's and CHeck. I've already taken out NIC card and Tried.
Nope I unhooked everything but VidCard and Floppy and My Monitor still won't turn on...Is it my Video Card...Radeon64ViVo or my Cheap Mointor?...this sucks.....thanks for help
Thats really strange bro. I would think the vid card could handle that bus speed, especially since the motherboard raises the dividers thereby leaving the agp signal the same as it is at 100. If you know someone who has a vid card you can borrow you could try putting it in your pc and see if it will work at 133 bus. I seriously doubt it's your monitor, as increasing bus speed has nothing to do with the video signal going to the monitor. To be extra safe you can turn the refresh down to vesa standard and run at a smaller resolution but it's not going to help. If you have windows installed simply unplug your monitor after setting 133 bus, reboot and listen for the windows startup music. Provided that you are able to correctly adjust your cpu multiplier it sounds as though your problem is either the motherboard or video card and I am leaning towards the motherboard. Also make sure you have agp 4x and fast writes disabled in your bios to be extra safe.
by the way, Have you tried to boot at 132 bus? (100 jumper on and 132 set in bios). Whats the highest fsb you can boot at now?
I can't even raise my fsb that high....not even 125. I'm gonna put music for start up and see if windows actually boots up. I'll scout around for diff. video card to check also. Thanks
man it really sounds like your multiplier isn't being adjusted currectly. I hate to sound like a broken record but you really have me stumped here. Try running at 6 x 100 and use wcpuid to check your system speed. Hopefully it will say 600, then try 6 x 133. It really should work. The agp speed at 100 and 133 is identical on the kk266 so it should't matter. Perhaps you have the defective kk266 board that is multiplier restricted. If you can't find wcpuid online let me know and I will put it up here as an attachment if I can :)
Heres the program to check your multiplier. I decided to put it up since it is pretty small. Simply unzip and fire it up :)
What exactly am I looking for?
My Clock Frequency is
Internal : 1324.14
External: 230.28
Systme Clock 115.14
Clock Multiplier 11.5
What's this stuff mean?
Kriegster (Apr 21, 2001 04:02 p.m.):

internal clock = your cpu speed
system bus = your bus speed times 2 (ddr)
system clock = your bus speed
multiplier = your multiplier

mine currently says:
internal clock = 1419.88 mhz
system bus = 334.09 mhz ddr
system clock = 167.04
multiplier = 8.5

now that you can monitor your settings try reducing your multiplier in the bios to 6 and set the fsb to 100. then boot into windows and run the id program and verify it say internal = 600, system bus = 200, system clock = 100, multiplier = 6. If you see all this you can shut down your system. Then remove the jumper of the 100 bus pins and place it over the 133 bus pins and see if your pc will boot at 6 x 133. If this works you can try raising the fsb and/or the multiplier.
Nope...Didn't Work....Crap this sucks. And I reached 127x10 but anything above 127 My Monitor won't turn on. I don't think PC is booting up either..sounds like it's kinda doing something, but it doesn't. I just Think I'm gonna be stuck with the 200mhz fsb. or 250mhz...Whatever...Damn.Thanks for your help.
Sorry bro. If you get a chance try a different video card. It would seem that your motherboard isn't correctly adjusting the pci divider or the 133 jumper is no good :( At least your system is working ok though at a slower fsb. What a waste of 166mhz ram though. Definately leave that pci + 33 setting on until you come up with a solution to the 133 dilema, as it will give you a boost in memory performance.