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Question about peltier in XPC

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New Member
May 20, 2003
I currently own a Shuttle SS51G XPC, running a p4 2.4B.

While the heat-pipe solution that shuttle provides works fine, I was wondering if it is possible to 'add' peltier cooling to an already existing setup. For example, would I be able to add a coldplate, and the TEC.. and then use the hs already in the shuttle to cool the tec? Or would I need to buy an HS specifically for that peltier (the space in the ss51g is very limited). Any help in this area would be appreciated... or if you know anyone that has modified a shuttle in any other way please let me know. I am aware that the PSU of the shuttle is inadequate for powering the TEC, so please do not address that in your replies.



Apr 19, 2003
You would need to buy an entire watercooling kit to go over the peltier just to make it effective :)

The peltier puts out more heat on the hot side than the processor.

for the cold side to get cold the hot side must get...hot!

The heat pipe thing that is provided with the shuttle is definitely inadequate