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Question about (Selective Startup in Windows 98 SE)

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Feb 16, 2002
This happened to me before back when i had 98SE on my machine, anyway I'm on my g/f's computer, shes got 98se, obviously. Anyway when booting up it gets an error saying that it cant find so&so to press any button to continue...

so it's really annoying having to do that everytime her computer boots up "since mine isnt here yet".

So I booted up, pressed F8, chose selective startup, said yes to everything, then it came to WIN and it started to load the drivers... .vxd... then i see the two file names in there that had been cauing the problems, nwlink.vxd and nwnblink.vxd or something like that. Anyway where can I find that file that contains those names to load when booting ? its not in msconfig, or in the win.ini file. thanks guys...



Senior Member
Jan 10, 2001
You can also go here for instructions on how to use the system file checker.It will also replace the files for you.If you write the files down then it is easy.


May 26, 2003
Somewhere I belong
the files u mention is related to the network connections. So if ya using the network connection to use the internet just try reinstalling the network protocol again and see. Normally I've experinced this problems, sometime i fixed them by instlaling the network protocols and services again or i removed them from the registry if that machine is not going to be connected to the netowrk enviroment. My 2cents though abt your problem. :santa: