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question about temps

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Jun 14, 2003
i am seeing a p4 2.4c @ 3.6 at the cpu data base on air with a slk900 whats the difference in temps with the sp-94? has anyone tested these? lastly is higher speeds obtainable with air? b/c i know my ram at a 5:4 divider will do 240 fsb it does that with my amd at a 1:1 ratio so think it can go higher possible 250 with a p4 and at a 5:4 divider thats 312.5 fsb and 3750 mhz (this is all assuming i get a good chip :p) will the sp94 be enought to cool it at this speed with my vantec 92mm tornado?



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Jan 12, 2001
Kansas, USA
RAM that does 240 with an AMD system might not do as well with an Intel system. The dual channel quad pumped bus of Intel systems make it difficult to O/C RAM as well.

The SP-94 cooler is a good one. It'll probably handle the speeds your are talking about, assuming you improve the northbridge cooling and have really good case ventilation too. The last kicker is how much you have to raise the vcore. The more voltage, the hotter it will run.