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question about the lian-li pc60...please read! nobody ever reads my posts :(

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Apr 10, 2001
is there anywhere you can get replacement side panels for the lian-li cases? i want to mod mine, but i'm afraid! very afraid! so if i screw up i want to be able to buy another panel... :)
I am not aware of being able to buy replacement side panels for any case as the mark up would be low, not to mention why sell sides when they can sell you a complete case.
Although if you contact the manufacturer they may be able to sell you replacements, I consider that your best chance
Or, you can take the sidepanel to a metal firm and ask them to make a replica. Dunno about the costs, tho.
You could always try the mod out first on a similar piece of sheet metal so you become more comfortable with the modding process, i feel your nervousness about hacking up a $180 piece of metal though. Or you can try it on a cheap case if acquiring the sheet metal is a difficult task around you.
see if you can sent it to a company that does case mods for them to do it, so if they screw up it's their fault
Yes there is! PCMods
They have the left side panels for the Lian-Li cases, window kits, lighting, etc. Check it out. Kent :)
if you just want a window, you can go and buy a lianli pc65 seethrough window... go on pricewatch to find the cheapest price