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Question concerning air flow on Thermalright SK-6

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Jun 30, 2001
All of the testing on this heatsink have the fan blowing down on the cpu. My current fan setup in the back of my case includes an 80mm exhaust (right next to cpu), and another 80mm exhaust on the power supply. This would not be the practical set-up of fans for a fan blowing down, but up from the cpu, which I currently have. My system runs very cool with the sides on with this current set-up and would like to keep it this way. My question is: is any one using the SK-6 with the fan blowing up, and if so are their any temp. differences that you can see? Most other vendors show no diffrences whether blowing up or down....but the Thermalright reviews claim a big degragation of temps. if blowing up. Any help with current owners would be greatly appreciated. (PS......I know I can try experimenting, but I'd like to know if someone can help me instead of having to buy the heatsink and being dissapointed.)

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it really depends on computer to computer. It is easy to try out both, so try it and see. If you run cooler blowing up, do that. If not, have the fan blow down.
w/ the sk6 ur better off blowing down. the only hs that really benefit from having air pulled thru the fins and away from the hs are fans like the gladiator, the alpha pep, fans that don't have that big fat path cut right thru the center.

can you guys imagine how good the sk6 would be if it had fins like the gladiator, all the way accross the base instead of just till the mid then clip then more fins??