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SOLVED Question for Amptron 807 owners...

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I was just wondering if anyone out there is using the new BIOS yet? Is it good? Does it give any performance gains? Also, what video card are you using and are you having any problems running it at 4xAGP?
Is this board a KT133 board? if so, you shouldn't have too much of a problem running 4x AGP if your card is up to spec. I have built some systems with generic-type KT133 boards and I haven't had problems running the AGP at 4x. Just make sure your 4 in 1 drivers are installed in Turbo mode and the BIOS is set up to run the AGP port at 4x. Your AGP speed can be verified via WCPUID by H. Oda! which is available at TweakFiles.

I have no problem getting it to start-up. It doesn't do it to me when I play The Sims or AOE II...but when I go to play any 3D intense games i.e. NFS Hot Persuit, Black & White, FF VII, FF VIII it locks up and I have to restart. I can only run it without crashing when it's at 1x without the turbo 4 in 1 drivers. Weird...So right now I just have it at 1x oc'ed to 191/200 and Det 6.47. It's not bad, but I wish I could play at 4x... : (