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Question on CD-RW Drives

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Aug 27, 2002
Puget Sound, WA, USA
One of my friends told me not to get one of the new 48x burners because the lasers are not powerful enough, so they don't cut the disc enough. Is this true? Just wanted to know whether to go with a new, faster burner or older one for my comp im specin. thanks for the help!
They wouldn't be able to sell 'em if they didn't work right. Ask your friend for proof.

Course, ask yourself why you need to burn a 700MB cd in under 30 seconds. I'd go w/ about 24x to 32x write. That's all you'll need, and it'll be cheeper too.
I'll agree with Oni and JM, and add that your friend doesn't know how CD-R/RW's work.

The laser does not "cut" the disc. Most recordable media uses a layer of dye pressed between the plastic discs. The recording laser changes the hue of this dye by a chemical process, not by actually cutting the recording material.

I would definitely ask your friend to back up their claims, my drive writes fine at 48x and I havn't seen any corrupted data yet.