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Question on Celery2 cooling

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New Member
Apr 9, 2001
I currently have a celeron 600 i want to overclock. Right now I'm using the retail heatsink, and getting around 25 C idle and 34 on a full load...my question is would the temps go down if I used good thermal grease like artic silver? Also I'm looking for a new fan to put on it. At first I was looking at a thermaltake superorb, but I got mixed reviews. I think the globalwin fop38 looked good. Can anyone recommend a good hsf?
No matter what you do your temps wont go much below 25C with air cooling. This is because 25C is not much hotter than ambient air temperature and metal can only dissipate heat so good. However overclocking heats up your temperature, a lot if you push it. Without changing cooling and for you to overclock you would see temp rises of about 20C. Thats a lot so you are gunna want to change to a good heatsink and fan. Orbs suck, don't go that way, they look cool but just don't perform. The globwin is pretty good but is VERY noisy. If you want just as good cooling with less noise go with an alpha with the lower rpm fan.
What do you mean by lap the heatsink?

Also my fan now is running at 4200 rpm...should be looking at around 6500 or something like that?
Lapping the heatsink refers to sanding it to remove the imperfections cuase by being machined. Just take some real ruff sand paper, sand it down. Then use some medium and then smoth it with some really fun stuff. The reference I made to fan rpm only really refered to the alpha. I was talking about the two different fans they offer, one is a higher rpm and airflow Delta fan (louder), and a YS tech lower rpm and airflow (quieter). Most good heatsinks will have a fan with a higher rpm than the stock one. Most heatsinks will come with a fan so the references to the quality of the heatsink you see will be in regards to the fan it comes with as well.