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Question on electronics?

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Mar 7, 2002
With my new ST6 if I try to put my CDROM and CDRW drive where they were, the burner is so close (Almost touching) a Capacitor on the MB. I have moved them but this calls for me to put them on top of each other and I know this can't be good for heat so my question is, if I were to take a piece of electrical tape and cover the area on the CDRW that would almost touch, would that prevent any problems as far as electrostatic discharge?
hello Bartron, welcome to the forums!

You should be fine leaving your setup as it is. Even if your drive touches the capacitor, the cap is sealed- it will not short circuit. A little bit of E-tape might still be a good idea if they are rubbing together, it will keep you from tearing or scraping the cap's packaging.

As far as heat goes- don't worry about it! As long as your system has overall good ventilation, heat buildup from a couple of CD drives is nothing to worry about. They just don't make that much heat- if you ran both drives at full blast for hours, you might have a problem, but that doesn't happen even during a burn operation.

Of course if you are overclocking, keeping things as cool as possibe is a good idea.:)