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Question on fan positioning

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Aug 19, 2003
underneath the sky
My brother's got a 2.4 celeron with stock hsf and only 1 (sorta weak) outtake fan. Well he sometimes has heat issues (super lag to shutdown and weird error messages) that cease to exist in the basement... because its cool down there ;)

I made him buy a cooler master fan for intake over the weekend and accidently positioned the outtake fan as an intake one as i installed the coolermaster to the front (I thought it was incorrectly installed because i couldnt feel air coming out the back, but apparently there was air because when i switched it I could feel air blow into the case).

Now I want to know if its better having two intakes into his computer, or just one intake and that sorta weak outtake fan.
Or in other words, should I leave it as it is or switch the back fan "back" to outtake?
thanks :D


Jun 27, 2004
hey, celerons are like all computers, they just need maintainence. luckily this one has someone that cares enough to work on it. i think celerons are the most abused processor ever.