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Question transferring files from intel based to amd

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Dec 4, 2001
This is probably a stupid question but here goes. I want to take files off an older machine that is a pentium (I think II-233mhz). The os is windows me. I am building a new system with a new hard drive, probably will use the same cd for os (windows me). Would there be a problem transferring the files from the pentium machine to the amd machine(ie just copy the hard drive contents to the new hard drive)? I am unfamiliar with windows me and intel. I am going to attempt this for a friend.
It's a piece of cake. There's no formatting difference between the two since you're using the same OS.
If one drive was Fat32 and the other was NTFS it would store the files differently as you moved them.
I guess I was just worried about drivers being loaded from the previous intel interfering with trying to boot up the new amd system.
So in essence I could just copy the contents of the old hard drive onto the new one prior to installing t into the new system?
Only non-system dependant directories.
Don't transfer the WHOLE hard drive. My Documents and other such non program related directories could be copied over.

The easiest thing to do is simply install his old drive as a slave on one of the IDE channels. He won't lose any data and you could remove any directories or file he doesn't need anymore after you've installed the OS on the new one. (I just did this)
Sorry but a fresh install is the best way to go when changing motherboards. you can sometimes get away with it if you are staying with the same chipset or with a similar chipset. But going from Intel to AMD could end up causing a lot of problems. Captain Slug is right about installing the drive as a slave to get all the files and stuff into the new install. Good luck and have fun with it:D
You can "get away" with it but not without a headache which is rater easily avoided.

When my employer moved into our new building a while back, someone dropped the system unit with our main DB off the truck onto asphalt. One good thing I can say about compaq is that it took a few weeks to actually stop working.

In order to recover the data, I popped the HD physically into an HP box. Fortunately, the cabs were on the drive and windows autodetected all the new hardware. As the HP box was one of those minitowers with no room inside to do anything creative, I had to buy a crossover cable inorder to shoot all the data to another box across the room.

Since we did not have another box to put the HD in after that, I scored myself a 6 GB HD that day!!!