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Question With My O/C Attempt

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Feb 27, 2002
Pompano Beach, FL
I tried my first attempt on o/c my computer. I did it in the bios by changing the 'System/PCI Frequency (MHz)' and all went well. I went 1 step up at a time and got up to '115.0/38.33' which gave me around 576MHz. It ran stable running SETI at 100% cpu usage and the temps stayed ok.
My question is, what are these set of numbers (115.0/38.33) and what do they do? What exactly did I do to the computer? I am a NEWBIE at o/c.
Thank you for helping me. :)
no problem and btw great mobo you have there;)

the first number is the Front Side Bus wich at defualt is 100 for your chip and 133 for the EB chips

the cpu clock speed is determined by a locked multiplier x the FSB
in your case 5x115

the secod number is the PCI clock and this determines what your pci components run at such as your hdds and sound cards if it gets too high then your hdd can get scrambled or your NIC could stop functioning...