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Apr 12, 2001
Michigan ,USA
Do any of you guy's out there who put a 80mm high output fan on a FOP38 get such a increase in temp I thought the 80mm was supposed to cool better with less noise or am I wrong and cant have the best of both worlds?I even made an adapter to go from 80mm down to the size of the heatsink.I went from 40*c to 45*c idle and 45*c to 51*c load. What's up with that?
Oh by the way the fan I'm using is a sunon 42.5cfm 80mm

A7V133 1.2 T-Bird @ 1454 1.81vcore
I tried the same but without the adapter. I would have guessed that would make a difference becaue without the adapter the temp got real hot under load, and quick. I then put a Delta on. I love it.

Is the large fan blocking any air that should be escaping?
I don't think using a shroud does much other than increasing the pressure and noise, the retail ones you can buy do seem to help with the cooling but these are probabally better designed than something you could make yourself, a lot of it is to do with how you position the fan on the heatsink, I have my 80mm lined up correctly with the bottem edge (if you look at the heatsink with the clip going sideways and the bit you put your thumb on on the right hand side this is the orientation I mean) and then on the left hand side I had it iverhanging by about 1mm and then let it over hang the other sides, of course not all of the airflow will be directed at the heatsink, probabally a bit more than 2/3rds, so with your 42cfm fan I would only expect at most about 28-30cfm to be directed at the heatsink, which will perform about as well as a FOP 32-1, I use the 47cfm ys-tech fan, and this probabally gives about 30-35cfm which will perform very closely to the delta fan
Thanks for the reply sims. I made the adapter to the exact size of the 60mm delta and I thought it turned out pretty damn good I smoothed everything on the inside , and with theSunon 80mm hi output you would think that it would at least match the cooling wothout the noise but I guess I was wrong
Thanks for the reply Phil you are probably right on the adapter.But the way it was made it caught all of the air flow I just dont understand it. So I put the delta back on with a rheostat I gain a degree or two but nothing major.