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New Member
Apr 10, 2001
I recently purcased a KT7 Motherboard, 20GB Hard Drive, 1GHZ Thunderbird CPU and a dual fan. After taking out my old motherboard and replacing half my PC I noticed that I was missing some slots, basically my network and Modem cards are not PCI they fit into another slot and there is only one of them. My Modem and Network Card were facing a life of swoppage. Do they do PCI Modems / Network Cards as I can only fit one in my PC and have loads of PCI slots free but neither of these cards are compatible.

It was all going so well. it's the first time i've done this so bare with me.
Your looking at the loss of ISA slots. the ISA standerd is being phazed out, some new Motherboards no longer have ANY. Yes there are PCI replacements for theses cards.

Please make your next post to the proper topic.
Thank you.
When you start really getting into overclocking, you won't want ISA devices, anyways. These can really hold you back. ISA components will start screwing up at a much lower bus speed than PCI ones that do the same task.

Mr B
If you have to choose which one to replace, I would go with the network card. Legacy modems tend to work much better as they do all of the work on the card, as opposed to winmodems which use software to do it.