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The Jet Man!
Feb 25, 2003
I want to put a different heatsink on my Geforce TI4200. Currently the stock one is held on by two plastic pins. I am wanting to put a small stock AMD cooler on the card. How would I got about attaching it and making sure its making contact with the GPU?


Sep 30, 2002
I used the little holes around the gpu and drilled holes in the base for little screws. holds my coolermaster aluminum low pro on real good :)


Jul 3, 2001
One other thing you have to deal with is the paint on the GPU core. There is a black outline of paint on all the nvidia GPUs afaik and it will hold the heatsink like 0.001" off the middle of the core, which is well bad. Some of the soutions people have had is making a coper slug from a penny, and laping it, or gently sanding the edges of the core with the paint on them down (be careful easy way to kill yer card!)

Also, if you use thermal epoxy all you really need to use it for is some little dabs around the edge, than use plain AS3 on the middle, that way you can use a razor to gently seperate the heatsink from the core if you wish to replace it in the future. I did this with my geforce2 ultra, attaching a stock amd-xp heatsink to it, and it worked out pretty well. One thing is for sure, I was only running .2v over stock and the heatsink never even came close to feeling warm, nither did the back of the card under the GPU, I overclocked the crap outa that baby, got it up to like 400/550.

I have also done the same with the 9500pro that I currently have, works great.


Mar 12, 2003
All you really need to do is remove some of the fins from the HSF and drill some holes that align to the holes on the card and get some screws and nuts and bolt it on there. Don't forget rubber washers or some sort of soft spacer to protect the card from the nuts:)