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Questions about all the obscure memory timings

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Mar 5, 2005
Alright, so I just entered the world of DDR3 memory with my brand new p55 core i7 build. My board is the relatively modest Asus p7p55d, but it still offers MANY memory timing options.

Being new to the whole XMP thing and preferring to do things manually, I set the timings myself according to the specs of my memory. However, the timings of "7-8-7-24-2N" only covered 5....of about 5000 different settings :rolleyes:


Am I losing any performance by setting the obscure memory timings to "Auto"?

Xtreme Barton

Jan 17, 2004
im with you on this one ..def gonna subscribe to this thread .. i use to try and google every setting to start with (most the time it really didnt help) .. im gonna try and send an email to memory make for giggles and se what they tell me .. im betting they say turn it to auto .. is there even a program inside windows that will read all the timings ? be curious to see what auto sets everything at from stock through overclocks .. (sorry not trying to jack your thread just very curious on this too)