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Questions about using multiple radiators in a watercooling setup

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Water Cooled Moderator
Oct 14, 2007
Just so we're clear re: purpose... Your system will still be producing and expelling the same amount of heat it is right now. The main difference is that it will be coming out of the radiator instead of your current Zalman. While it can cool your components better, leading to your being able to overclock again, it will not reduce the amount of heat you feel coming from your PC, which will remain the same.


May 29, 2002
Japan/Daytona Beach
hok is right about the heat. the thing you want to consider then is ... do you want ot make such a large investment when 3 fans and possibly a rheo could fix the problem . if you still want to based on cool factor ( no pun intended) then you may consider a much simpler design that only needs 1 rad . if you REALLY want to OC you will still need to determine how much noise you can withstand.
it gets to the point of diminished returns quickly (personally i dont like my ears to bleed)

so if you can get it done with 1 rad and a quiet pump and still maintain your happyness ratio (ratio of rock solid OC to noise level X bank account recovery ability score) then it is definately for you.