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Questions on KT7A FSB Running@130mhz.....????

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New Member
Dec 18, 2000
Ok, here's my setup......

T-Bird 1Ghz @ 1236 9.5 X 130
3D Prophet GTS 2 Pro 64mb DDR
128 mb Mushkin PC133 REV.3 @ 130Mhz cas 2
Globalwinn - FOPP-32
Creative 12x DVD w/dxr3 decoder
Creative 8x4x32 cdrw
2 IBM deskstar 30gb drives 7200 rpm both with ultimate HD coolers. Soundblaster live! x-gamer
Addtronics 6890A full tower
4 80mm case fans + 1 92mm

My questions.... how safe is it for my AGP bus to run @ 86Mhz and my PCI busses to run @ 43Mhz ? I ran Sandra burn in test for 2 hours straight without any problem with a maximum cpu temp of 105f and an idle temp of 76 to 78f. I am sure temps will go higher than that while gaming, do you think im safe? I would appreciate any answers as well as any suggestions from the pros.......thanx in advance.... :)

Here are some bench results:

CPU: 3460/1689
I suggest you pump the fsb speed to 133mhz to get higher divider, this board should offer 133/33 setting. Then you get your AGP/PCI to normal speed. Running this high pci/agp speed has been done with success many times, but then again lots of components do not like it for long.
You should read this link to improve your mem scores , it works for the KT7A too.

thanx errikson, i just set it at 9.5x133/33, had to increase voltage to 1.85v other than that it's running ok except sandra still reports AGP at 88mhz and PCI at 44mhz...... am i missing something? thanx again :)
thanx for the link, i was able to get higher mem scores, hows this:


quite an improvement i think...... :)