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questions on some heatsinks

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Feb 17, 2001
currently running a 1 ghz tbird (forgot what core, but its a fairly old one) at 1.33 ghz. now, i have a fop38 rigged up with a panaflo sucking air off the heatsink through a duct. this provides the same cooling and temps as i got with the stupid fop38 fan, but with half the noise. how much better than a fop38 setup would the glaciator be? that copper beast of a heatsink. im also planning on upgrading to palamino/ddr/new mobo around christmas and already have most of a watercooling system setup for that. trying to decide if its worth getting a glaciator to until then or just staying with the fop... any info, or links to compare these two if there are any would be awesome, or just any info is good too ;-)
Placid usualy has all the links you may email him. If your temps are in check then i would just wait until you finish your water cooling setup or why not get your water cooling up and running and make sure you get any bugs out before your new CPU and MB show up.
i *was* going to do that, but im dumb ;-) you know those four holes on the mobo around the cpu where you screw in heatsinks (or in this case the dd maze-2)? well i *assumed* i had those when i ordered, but my motherboard lacks them. so instead of rigging up something i'm just gonna wait for a mobo w/ holes. :-( or if i get bored i might still try and rig something up. any ideas would be nice if anyon has any. i have an msi k7t pro2a mobo and the maze2 block.