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New Member
May 27, 2003
I have a hs from zalman lower end that holds my comp at 48C at full load. I have the giga deal 7vaxp lol (CRAP) and 2700 ddr Samsung, 9700 pro ATI built 2500+ Barton .....
My question is.
I get a score of 13500 on 3dmark 2001
and a score of 4400 on 3dmark 2003

Will o/c help that significantly, and secondly when I got to increase the fsb... my ratios for agp and pci get altered.
I Could use some help, I'm new tothe whole o/c thing.

Is it true about stock AMD hs running at 55~60C?


Apr 21, 2003
55-60C for stock depends on case and ambient temps.

I think if you have alot of o/c ?s then you should post them on AMD CPU catagory. Then people will see them.:)


Oct 27, 2002
The best way to start OCing IMO is to lower the multi a few notches and then get the FSB as high as it will go stable. What I mean by that is lowering the multi so that when you raise the FSB your CPU will not be OCed, that way you will be sure its the FSB thats maxed and not the CPU.
Once you have the max FSB figure then you can start increasing the multi so as to get the CPU at its highest stable. Keep in mind though that you will get better performance with a Higher FSB and slightly lower CPU MHz than the other way round.
For example you will get better performance from 10x 180 than you would from 10.5x 171.