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Quick disconnect hose coupler

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Jul 16, 2001
Can someone help me find a quick disconnect hose coupler for my water rig?

Google searches are providing lots of links (including the ramm master water-powered sausage-stuffer- I kid you not), but nothing too helpful.

I recall seeing a web page with a water block round-up that had some, but can't remember where.

One of my other former hobbies include aquariums. Eheim makes many good pumps which watercoolers her use but don't know make good disconnects. These aquarium filters are set beneath the tanks ( usually big ones with a cabinet to support the tanks) and have 1/2" disconnects so that the filter/pump assembly can be taken away for servicing without draing away all the water. They can be bought as accessories or come in some of their larger pump combo kits. Another manufacture that has similar disconnects is MARINELAND. the make similar filers/pump combos that come with them.. I have seen the Overclock-watercool disconnects and these two manufacturers have smaller more sleek designs which might be more suitable in computer cases...probably at a cheaper cost if you can find a aquarium shop that is a distributor.
The ones I'm using are US$0.50 apiece and looks like they are meant for general purpose use. They are the screw-on type, comes for a variety of hose diameters (mine's 5/8") and are pretty leak proof. Heck, the only leaks I got were at the hose-to-coupler connections but were stopped with hose clips. You might want to install some valves if you don't want water flowing out all over the place when you open the couplers.