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quick, easy, UGLY duct

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Mar 25, 2002
Ottawa, Canada
i had my case open yesterday and had been thinking about putting something together to make a duct from the front fan to the cpu. now, i live in a university residence so i'm short on cash and supplies, but i happened to find something that worked suprisingly well (or would have had my fans been powerful enough).

it was a soda cracker box. in my mid size case its the perfect length, with the flaps folded out. it's cardboard so it wasnt a problem getting it to bend around the HD and the vid card, just a few quick cuts with a box cutter and it was done. i was even able to close the case without crushing the box at all.

i know this isnt useful to anyone serious about cooling, but for someone toying with the idea, its a good place to start right? (cheap & easy)


On a string I was held Senior
Jul 11, 2001
i live
great to see your enthusiasm and innovation but wouldn't it have been easy to maybe make a short duct from the cpu to an exhaust in the back. I know it is good to duct the air in the front towards the cpu and not all of the way to the cpu, unless you have at least another fan inside of the duct to keep the airflow going. perhaps jsut make the duct short and jsut have pushing the air in the direction of the proc.