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Quick peltier question

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May 24, 2001
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When sealing your 370 motherboard with silicone how far up the base do you put your silicone? Do you just fill in the bottom or do you keep going up onto the cold plate, peltier and up to the bottom of your waterblock? Or should I just do silicone around the base and then use my neoprene foam to cover the sides of the cold plate, peltier, waterblock ??
I like to be able to take things apart with ease so I don't silicone the whole assembally into 1 big ball. I use neoprene cut to fit peerfectly so there are no gaps. As a saftey measure I coat all the sides of the block/cold plate/pelt and socket with dielectric grease before applying the neoprene just to make sure all air is sealed out.

Don't forget these other steps. Fill the socket about 1/2 way with silicone and fill the rest of the gap with neoprene. Use dielectric grease in the pin holes. Paint the top of the cpu(not the core) with a conformal coating also paint the area around the socket and seal up the base of the socket to. I use a silicone/mineral spirits mixture.
Ok, thanks. Using the dielectric grease inbetween the foam and block is a good idea. I'v got a huge tube of this stuff so I might as well use it. Thanks for the quick answer. We'll see what kind of mess I can make today hehehe ???