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Quick PSU opinion

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May 17, 2003
So I have in my current PC an Enermax Revolution 85+ 850W fully modular PSU. I managed to find my extra cables last night, so I can use it in my new PC if I choose. This has been used in one PC or another for a number of years, probably 6-8 or possibly 10.

Second option is a Silverstone Strider Evolution Gold 80+ model ST1000-G. I believe it is probably the very test unit from this JonnyGURU review, as I think I got it from Oklahoma Wolf to use in my benching station and I have never plugged it in.

So either one will run my new system with ease, I am sure, I'm just asking for a quick vote for which one you think I should choose. The Strider 1000W didn't perform QUITE as well in testing as the Enermax units, but... it IS essentially unused (although sitting for at LEAST 6 years, probably 8) and rated well above necessary power draw requirements. The Silverstone is also a single 12V rail, which I like, but again, with both units providing more than enough power, it's not as big of a deal.

Any thoughts?

Oh, and both are fully modular, too, so that helps keep all the wiring down.
6 of one, half dozen of the other. They are both quality units..one just has some miles on the odometer. :)
6 of one, half dozen of the other. They are both quality units..one just has some miles on the odometer. :)

That was kinda my thought. I guess I'm just bored at work and trying to overplan and overthink things. lol
Which one is more visually appealing to you?

That's a good question and one I can't answer just at the moment. Have to pull them out and compare them.

But that IS actually a factor in this case...
I know that many say you can save money with a smaller psu as long as it is big enough to power the components involved. You can also save several pennies a year by keeping the psu in the area that allows its most efficient use. I am of the thought to have more than enough power for what you might want to use on later days. Meaning that I have often started with an 850 psu or larger. I dont think that either of those that you have would be overly stressed by your components (havent ever used a 3090, so a grain of salt may be needed)
Yeah I get that, but the cheapest PSU is the one I already own - or one of the several. So even if it were to cost more to operate, would still save me money over buying a new one.

But I think I'm good with one of these two, and cable-wise, they're both fully modular, so I should be able to keep things very clean from an aesthetics standpoint, too.

CPU AIO comes in tomorrow, so I should be up and running tomorrow night sometime, or worst case, on Saturday! :D
I would just buy one used on ebay and save some cash.

That's SPENDING cash... I had both of them already. Also found an OCZ unit sitting around.

Either way, I used my Silverstone Strider and it is awesome. Finally got a chance to use it, it's been sitting since 2012.

You have a point, sir....

Gonna tear it down today to put in my new vertical GPU mount (the Lian Li one made for my case does NOT fit with my EVGA 3090 FTW3 Ultra), so I'll see if I can snap some pics.

I'm looking at some cable options, I really need extenders. I want the Lian Li Strimer D-RGB cables but they're being marked up and neckbearded as much as video cards are these days. All the options I've seen like from XPG don't really look like they're very good.