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quick q's on p4 2.4a and 2.4c

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May 6, 2003
i am thinking of buying one of these p4 2.4a prescott cpu for a family comp so speed and oc isnt too much of an issue. just a few quick questions

1) i have an abit is7 mobo ready for it... latest bios and all that. will it work with this new cpu? (currently chugging nicely on a 2.4c)

2) i plan to use a zalman 7000alcu with it, works great on my 2.4c but is it compatible with this prescott cpu? :confused:

3) i am buying a shuttle case to house my 2.4c. it will share the small space with a 9800aiw pro. the thing is, i have an arctic vga silencer on the video card, will it fit into the shuttle case? also does the system have enough space between the agp slot and pci slot (cause the vga cooler takes up an extra slot. i plan on using an audigy pci sound card but will tolerate the onboard audio if this is impossible.)

thanks in advance ;)


Apr 26, 2004
The Netherlands
Those 2.4A prescotts have been hitting high speeds (3.0+) on stock voltage, and 3.4+ with only small increases. A good, cheap, investment. Your mobo will support it. (#1) The zalman cooler will fit also. (#2)

Don't know about q #3..not known with them barebones