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Quick Question for you guys.

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New Member
Jul 10, 2001
This question has most likely been asked alot but, I am using a stock Thermoengine with arctic silver 2 and my temps are as follows :

AMD T-bird 1.33 ghz 266 FSB
Asus A7M266
Crucial 256 MB PC2100 DDR
IBM 40GB 72000rpm ATA 100
GeForce 2 GTS 32 MB DDR

Room Temp : 75-77 F
Just using the internet (Browsing/Email/Downloading) : 46-48 C
After 6 Hours of Counterstrike : 51-53 C

I dont really want to change the fan since it was such a pain to put on that sucker, but I am wondering if these temps are too high for comfort.

Thanks for reading this guys.
No, they seem fine to me for the room temps you have. They could be a bit better but nothing to worry about. If you decide you want to overclock that you may want to get a better fan or cooler. If you don't have any case fans or only one, you may want to add a couple (one front one rear) into your system, it will help bring down the overall temps.

when you hit the 50's thats really getting hot and dangerous, you should be around low 40's at least, esp with a 1.33 T-bird, they dont deal with heat well and run hot. I would look into some case ventelation and if that does not help you prob need a new hsf. check the homepage for guides on case ventelation.

53 is hot and dangerous ? System has yet to crash on me, anyone know a better fan I could slap on the thermoengine that won't make my system sound like a airport terminal ?
Well I am overstating it... 53 is doable but I woulden't want to see my cpu getting up there... in some of the reviews like toms harwares review on 46 hsf's 53 degrees was at the bottom of the pack... the very bottom... so be careful, i have heard that frying a chip is no fun.

Im not sure about fans, I have not worked with that hsf, sorry.