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Quick question on flashing A7V with A7V133 bios

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Feb 18, 2001
It won't let me use the A7V133 bios to flash cause it's not the right bios for the mobo. Do I have to flash from dos to bypass this?
I used Aflash, and it gave me a warning about a Checksum difference with my A7V, but it still flashes, and goes like a bat out of hell.
Aflash works as said, From what Im hearing the new 1006 version is the same as the a7v133 bios so you can just flash that straight up now. You can get 1006 at AMDMB.COM in the files section...I'm glad they still havent figured out a way to foil my raid mod, everytime i get a new bios i just insert the rom code for the Fasttrak 100 and it works :)
Ya, i was able to use aflash to do it. I figured that out just after I posted the message. But i still have a problem. Same thing I encountered when I tried to flash 1005c(i'm running 1004c now). Works fine when i flash it, but I can't OC as hight as I can with 1004c. I've got a tbird 800 running at 9.5*100=950 but it only works on 1004c. I'm waiting for my peltier cooler to show up then i'm gonna do the voltage mod and push it to 1100 or so. I think i might have a guess as to why those other bios's don't work for me oc'd though. Right now when I set the voltage to 1.85 in the bois it actually comes up as 1.9V in asus probe and sandra. I havn't checked, but I bet the updated bios corrects the voltage difference and i'm only getting 1.85 with the new bois.
I have the A7V133A, which bios is correct for my board?
Currently is running on the 1002c that it shipped with.

Any help appreciated!
sounds like it's already got the latest version.. i didn't even know there was a 1002c yet. could be wrong, though... :)
I'm sorry Prose,

I typed the wrong version, I have the 1001c BIOS, and I just downloaded the new 1003 but don't know how to flash it cuz I thought you had to do it from DOS but Im running Win 2k so I doent have Dos

As you can see, I'm quite new to all this

Please let me know of a solution!