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Quick Review: NEC Multisync EA231WMi IPS LCD

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Dec 1, 2007
Near Toronto Canada
My friend got an NEC Multisync 23" IPS panel LCD (wikipedia TFT LCD technologies: TN, PVA, IPS) for Boxing Day.

We calibrated using a 6500K compact fluorescent light source in Natural Color Pro.

Video source was a 6870 1GB reference in RGB pallette via DVI.


Photo: The absolute best reds I have ever seen on an IPS panel. Reds appear fully ranged, do not visibly exhibit the : vs | red issue common to IPS panels. Skin tones are among the best I have ever seen in an LCD panel, IPS or otherwise. Certainly by far the best I have ever seen in the price range.

All colors are delicate, natural, and very rich, while never being overpowering or overly saturated to the point that color contrast is visibly affected, even in 'dynamic' mode, which is similar to 'vivid' mode on your usual LCD tv OSD menu.

Color performance, to my eyes, absolutely trounced the well received 2209WA, which I had a fair bit of experience with using the same color correction.

Video: Video performance, color wise, is spectacular. Because of the response time, minor blurring is evident in extremely fast moving scenes. Again, this was the finest color performance I have ever seen in a panel of this price range.

Gaming: Again, color performance and range was spectacular. Colors were incredibly lifelike. Incredibly ranged. Incredibly delicate. Just as in video, in extremely fast moving scenes, like a fast paced FPS, we noticed minor blurring due to the response time.

As my friend does graphic art via a tablet, this was the screen he needed. It supports vertical or horizontal orientation via a very smartly designed tilt. Height and angle adjustment felt incredibly smooth and well made, and again, impressed me more than anything I have seen in the price range.
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