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Quick Tips with new setup...

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Sep 30, 2002
Ok well Im waiting on my parts for my Wc setup to arrive so Ill ask a few quick questions...

1. I forgot to get a T-Fitting for my T- line, So Im gonna stop by Home depot and grab one, what type of material should it be made out of? Copper, PVC, Steel,..etc. They have T fittings and caps made out of everything.

2. I have a fan shroud for my Chevett Heatercore, but Would it be better if I like put one fan on one side Pushing, and another on the other pulling? Or 1 fan is best?

3. What is best position of heatercore? I cant decide on front of case or back of case. I have plenty of room in both.

4. Can someone give me some bleeding tips. I know how to prime the system, but how do I get rid of as many bubbles as possible?

And once again thank you all for the help.

FleshEating Bob

Aug 31, 2002
I forget.
1. PVC would probably be best
2. you should have 2 fans, one pull, one push
3. your choice, personally, if I wasn't running a bong, I'd put my rad in front.
4. I have no idea. Someone who runs an inline system would be able to help you more than I can.


Unoriginal Macho Moderator
Oct 12, 2001
Los Angeles
1. Yes PVC is best
2. 2 fans IS better, not by alot but better, your call.
3. Front sucking fresh air into the rad.
4. The best place to put the "T" line is between the outlet of the CPU and before the pump, assuming you go: PUMP > RAD > BLOCK > T LINE > PUMP. Fill through the T as much as you can with the pump off, when the pump is primed, turn on the pump. It will foam like mad if you are using water wetter or anything similar, this is normal. As the air comes out (foam) keep adding more liquid. Pinching hoses helps get the air out the T. Once the water level stops dropping (about 1-2 hours) you can cap the T line, make the system air tight and let it run. The air will find it's way up the T all by itself.


Dec 14, 2001
Your going to want both fans on the heatercore in a push pull arrangement. I would recommend using the shroud for the fan that is pulling if you only have one.