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Quick Video Card Advice

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Mar 27, 2002
Va Beach, VA, USA
Well, the system downstairs needs a new video card...just upgraded the mobo/ram/cpu (8rda+/2100+ pally (stock)/256mb pc2700), and the gf2mx that was in the system before the upgrade refuses to work in this new board (trust me, I've done my troubleshooting).

I talked to my dad about it (he's paying for it..it's their system anyways), and he wants something that'll be good for a couple years, and also said he'd like to play M$ Flightsim 2004 without hiccups.

So I'm looking around right now trying to keep the price right for him, he wants it NOW, TODAY! So it's gotta be B&M. I've looked at a couple different cards, note, I don't need what I have in my rig (check sig), he'd be straight with a mid-range card, but I'd like suggestions none-the-less.

Compusa has a Xtasy 9600 256mb for $130 after savings and rebates. Best Buy (and most other places) have 5200Fx's for $99, as well as 9200's for $99. Seen GF4mx 440s for $80ish (but that's MX...).

So I'm asking you, what would be the best bet in this case?

Muchas Gracias.
Yeah, just wish he'd go consider going online for this, I understand he wants the system running today however...

Did some looking at the 9600s with 256mb at newegg and the reviews are quite mixed. Trying to keep it somewhat cheap for him too (another reason B&Ms make this harder..), it's been an expensive month for him already.


Found this page on TomsHardware, perfect since he's got the game in mind..I may just get him to get the 9600XT so I can get a HL2 voucher..greedy, I know.. :)
Haha, of course not, but I just mentioned the $200 tag to my Dad, and he doesn't want to go that high... *sigh* ;)

Well, crap, this B&M mentality is KILLING me here! It's up against a 9600se for $130, the fx5200 for $99, the $99 9200 128mb (NOT pro) from best buy, or something..
Ok, I'm going to go with the 9600SE...apparently as of oct 1st all 9600s and 9800s come with the HL2 voucher..I know it's a "slow-edition", but it is for mainly a browsing/email rig, so it'll do just fine, besides, noticed some people getting mad lucky and getting 9600 pros..in the se box.
I ended up getting a 9600SE, good enough to run games whenever a bud's over, that way I can just lan them, plus the voucher for HL2.

Still clueless as to why the GF2MX I have wasn't working in the 8rda+..board takes other cards fine, and the card works in other boards...