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Quick Water Cooling Radiator Temp. Question

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May 24, 2001
NY where the cows out number the people
I stuck one of my thermal probes form my enermax digital temp probe thingie into my Danger Den cooling cube just to see what kind of temps I was getting. Here's my setup details so you can get an idea of what kind of heat I'm producing. PIII 733, 80w peltier, DD maze block. 300gph pump. So processor temp is usually around -4C while surfing the net. Idle is about -10C Full load is around 3C
When I let my computer sit for three hours I came back to look at my temp for the radiator, it said 50C !! Wow I thought, So I'm asking is that too hot ? Do I need to get more air running through the Radiator or is that an ok temp? That high temp makes me wonder about my other case temps so tonight I'm going to play around with my temp probe to see if it's just hot at the top of my case where the radiator is or if it's that hot all over. But any suggestions on if that seems too hot or normal would be appreciated.
I'd take it as a sign that your cooling system is doing a really good job. All the heat that your cpu and pelt are putting out is being carried to your radiator and sucked out of the case. Certainly you can't complain about the cpu temps.

OTOH, I would check to make sure that your temps are OK elsewhere in your case. Let us know the results.
ok, I just get nervous when I see temps that high. I will do some measuring around the case spastically near my gpu, clock gen. front fan, back fans, cd writer, top of case. that kind of stuff. I'm hoping to bring my pc into work tomorrow to use the digital camera so I can show off my work. We'll see, I may need a flat bed truck to get this monster in to work. Thanks for the response...I'll update this tomorrow with more temps.