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quietest fan for tbird OC'ing?

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Feb 21, 2001
im gonna be using my new system for music production so i dont want a loud vortex of doom sound coming out of my computer when i'm trying to mix stuff. i'm getting a 1ghz tbird (266fsb) and probably a KT7A-RAID. What's the least noisy fan i can use that might be able to get me a stable 1.2 ghz out of the processor?

also - i'll be able to use hte fast fsb with 133mhz ram right? do i need pc150 for the fsb fsb? what about for OC'ing?

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The quietest fan I am aware of is the Sanyo Denki CPU fan rated at 28dBA. I have tested it against the YS Tech CPU fan and found ~1C difference in cooling.

Be careful with PC150 RAM. Most is already overclocked. If you want to guarantee CAS222 at 150, get the Mushkin PC133 rev3.
do you mean heatsink/fan combo or do you have the heatsink and are looking for a quiet fan? for oc'ing idealy pc150 would be the best. But i suggest you buy some quality pc133 and that'll most likly get you to 150fsb. For 1.2 gig you may not even need 150fsb if you unlock the multiplyer.
The fan is rated at 3800RPM/19CFM/28dBA

The fan is made by Pico Ace and has the best engineering spec's I've seen so far.
so i can clock the clock speed and front side bus independantly? (still new to all this)

i'll have a kt7a and a 1gig 266fsb (essentially 133 i presume) what are my limits on fsb/clockspeed/multiplier? i'm primarily looking for memory performance.

i guess i'm gonna get crucial 133 ram. i assume crucial is good? ecc, unbuffered? what do such terms mean to me? what's the best for overlclocking as far as ram performance is concerned?

I have been hearing good things about the Vocano II, also the fop 32-1 is a good choice.
The spec's on the Volcano II heat sink are compatable to other Thermaltake products, so I'd expect similar performance. I've tried but so far I can't find spec's on the Everflow fan it has.
Just read a review on the Volcano II, and it isnt as good as a FOP38, or a Pep66 or a Pal6035 which was better then all 3.

The reviewer also said that the mounting system of the Volcano II was VERY hard and gave fair warning to anyone wanting to buy it.

I am thinking of taking the fan off of the Volcano (36cfm @ 31.5db) and sticking it on a better/easier to install HS...

Whats the best heatsink around? forget about fan, I mean the actual heatsink?
Did you read the ocworkbench review? I thought it was a good one.

The Alpha PAL6035 is hard to beat unless weight is not an issue.