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Quieting the Delta Fan Article

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Jun 11, 2001
You know, the one about putting the silicone to connect the fan to the heatsink. Has anyone tried this or heard anything about this. I wouldnt mind making my delta a little quieter... :)
So what does this wave foam look like, is it a sponge like material, or like a fibre composite, or.........
Where did you get it from
I did a big thing on this when it was first mentioned on the fron page....I'll go digging back thru the posts and bump it to the top.

Mr B
for the 7volt mod do you just move the power 12volt to another pin in the molex? is there a 7volt lead off of the molex? or do I use a resistor? temps only go up a little bit correct?
The seven volt mod is accomplished thusly,

the standard molex goes red (+5), black (ground), black (ground), orange (+12). Fans are typically hooked up to the hot orange and the ground black. For the 7v mod, you move the gound from black to red. Now you've got 12 pushing on one side and 5 pushing on the other. 12 wins by 7v. No, this won't hurt the PSU. What does it do to the 5v to the MB is another question. The fan probably drops the 7 volts, but the current will be higher than it would be otherwise. See as how the 5v lead is rated at 100X the current the fan is moving, it should be fine.