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R-134a ?

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Senior Member
Dec 27, 2000
far west
I'm gettin ready to rip into my first R-134a refer unit , any thing I should be aware of before I do? I have done alot of automotive ,but not much 120v "kettle" type stuff. any help would be great!1 TIA ,,,SJ
I don't have any comments about working on phase change systems, but be careful with R-134a. In the atmosphere, R-134a breaks down fairly rapidly into some really nasty toxins. Make sure you use it with some very good ventilation.
and here the EPA say's it safer than R22 or R12. HA!

Don't allow it to release too fast either........can cause a nasty burn. But you said you've worked with it so I'm sure you already know that.

It's also not as cool as R22 and that's not as cool as R12. If you're building an extreme cooling rig, I'd try to find an R12 or R22 setup first.
Yea, the EPA is completely full of Dookie on this one.

The only safety and toxicity studies they looked at were the ones done by DuPont. And who makes R-134a???

R-12 was great stuff, you could drink it, bathe in it, serve it for dinner - because it was so inert, nothing could break it down. Of course this is why it is busily catalyzing the breakup of the ozone layer...

But R-134a, that stuff is nasty. And believe me there are acute toxicity effects associated with exposure, I took the guy to the hospital.
YEESH!! glad I asked .. I figured it to be almost the same as R12, unfortunatly in cali. we are pretty much screwed and have to use R-134a for everything ,, I have a couple R-12 units , but the y are MINE!! ALL MINE!!! hehehehhehe