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R5 cpu questions

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Jan 17, 2017
I here it's coming Q2 any 1 know anything that is a little more specific? Also i know that the performance is slightly less single thread than intels but it's still much more worth to get ryzen if you want to record and video render, for example if i got a r5 4c/8t and it would still give reliable gaming (ex. keeping up with an rx 470) and ive also heard i might be able to overclock a little bit with b350, maybe .1-.3. any1 have comments

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ive been gone from overclockers for nearly a month and posted 3 threads lol


Benching Team Leader Super Moderator
Dec 19, 2012
Nothing specific on release. Rendering usually benfits from more cores AFIK so not sure what you mean by that. As for overclocking I wouldn't expect any more than the 8 core CPUs at this point. If it clocks higher than yes it will be the better bang for your buck CPU


Senior Member
Dec 19, 2000
I second that going with more cores is better if you want to do video compression. The R5s will be a good alternative to lower end Intel CPUs. They'll be less expensive versus the equivalent Intel option. However, Intel will probably still be a little faster. The 6 core R5 might be an interesting option though since it will stack up vs the top end i5. For someone really on a budget the 4C/4T options will probably be a better alternative to Intel i3s.

B350 seems to work fine for overclocking. Right now the CPU architecture itself seems to be the limiting factor, so what board you have doesn't seem to play a large part. I suspect that most Ryzen CPUs will top out close to the same levels as the 8 core chips do, around 4 GHz max. Maybe they'll clock a little bit higher, but I wouldn't expect miracles.


Jul 26, 2004
I would guess the r5 to be 5-15 fps slower at 1080p ultra game depending so if the price is right could be very nice for budget gamers.


Jul 31, 2016
From what I have seen and assumed, the lower core versions of ryzen won't be able to clock higher than the r7s



Jan 1, 2008
Colorado Springs, CO
Same architecture so i doubt it.

I find it disappointing that these CPUs can't clock higher than 4.1 or so

From what Stilt was saying in that thread I linked eons ago in the Ryzen discussion, it's not the architecture, but the process node (IE how the transistors are formed) that is the issue. Not the layout of transistors into gates and such. On the other hand, this process node will lend itself better to both the mobile and server markets due to the low power properties. Let's face it, in the consumer market, not many are using desktops anymore. Just about everyone is running laptops. Should be interesting to see what happens when mobile Zen chips start dropping.