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R9 280X now not detected by AMD driver update!

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May 8, 2003
I have an XFX R9 280X that has been working just fine for two years now, but I've stuck with older drivers (14.9) due to incompatibilities between a piece of software I use and the later drivers. Also, with the lack of abilities to apply custom presets, my screen would jump a lot as the clocks go from 150/300 up to 1000/1500 (I think this is what it was).

I finally had some free time to try out the new Doom only to be met with an error upon loading it, so figuring that maybe my drivers were too old, I would update them. I downloaded the latest 16.12.1 driver suite and when I tried to install it, it would come back saying "no AMD hardware found in your system" and it would exit.

I thought that maybe I had downloaded the incorrect version of the driver, so I went through the CCC and told it to check for an update, let it download the file, which turned out to be the same, and it once again failed to detect my card.

I then tried to install a not-as-new version (15.7.1) which was one of the ones without custom presets and problems with my software, and IT ALSO couldn't detect my card. oddly it would detect the HDMI audio driver only...

Any ideas what is going on??? GPU-Z detects my card just fine. I was gaming on it the other day.

I recently did a fresh install of windows 7 pro x64. Is there some new incompatibility that I am unaware of?
Have you tried doing an uninstall with DDU to clean things up.
Have you tried doing an uninstall with DDU to clean things up.

I have never used, or heard of DDU. I had to look it up. I assume it works well?

EarthDog, the issue is the driver detection comes up immediately when I click on the installer. Are you saying to update the driver through windows device manager?
He was referring to AMD's download site and having it autodetect the GPU instead of manually selecting model and OS
Yes DDU works very well. Cleans all remnants of old driver in safe mode.
Exactly. Im wondering if he used the auto detect feature to DL the driver and not the dropdown. :)

EDIT: shoot.. thats NVIDIA I think... :(
on the AMD site, I originally selected the driver for my device by going through the drop down lists. I later tried to use their auto detection tool and it came up with No AMD devices found.

I may have to try another PCIe slot to see if that changes anything.
ok so this gets better. If I reconnect my older SSD with a windows 7 install on it, also using the same old 14.9 driver, then run the latest installer, it works just fine. I ran DDU on my new installation and then tried to run the latest installer again, and it still can't detect my GPU....

Am I reinstalling windows? I can't for the life of me figure out why my older install works but my newer one doesn't.
Anyone have thoughts on this? I'm about ready to just reinstall windows and start over :(