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r9700 pro, o/c system bus

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Jul 20, 2001
Hey guys, I have my fsb set to 137, which in turn raised the pci/agp speeds. agp is at 68 or 70 i believe, and my xp1700 is at 1.51ghz, with a ~46c load temp. I have a r9700, not overclocked. I have ati's newest drivers (non leaked ones). When I run 3d Mark, either the benchmark or demo, I see these black flickers all over the screen. Anyone know how to get rid of em? I don't see any abnormalities in Doom 3, as far as I can tell. Could it be just a 3d Mark thing?
Don't know if i'm correct or not, but maybe your monitor rate is not that good. I had something similar to that when i was using my old video card. test out any video or movie and if it still flicker then it should be the monitor.