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Radeon 32DDR & BlueOrb

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Anyone have a blue orb on their radeon? If so, how did you put it on, since you cant clear caps that are on the left side of the chip to get it centered?
in my opinion the blue orb isnt worth the effort. if you read the article in reviews called 'copperfoot blorb' it points out some of the blorbs weaknesses. true, i put one on my chipset on mobo, but i dont think they are really that great. on the side of the radeon, i havent had any problems jsut running w/ the stock hsf.
I have one on my Radeon 32 ddr. I basically just lapped the blorb really well and attatched it slightly off center with AS2 and some super glue. It doesn't do all that much compared to the stock HS/F but it did allow me to get a little better OC from the card. Radeon gpu's don't really get all that hot so if you have a blorb and are going to attatch it just make sure you get as much contact between the HS and the gpu as possible and use a good thermal paste and you should be fine.
I got one too, and attached it using the same method. I had a LE model, so I had no fan, so the blorb was a good improvement for me.
People like to talk bad about the blorb, but if you read the review of it from this site and others, its one of the better GPU coolers out there for the money. I was able to pick one up locally for 8 bucks!
I'm still partial to my homemade HSF for a GPU, mine is twice the size of the borb and the best thing is that it was only 5 bucks made one for my northbridge to, I just bought a cheap CPU HSF [asked owner for a good deal on a HSF that was not selling well this worked in two different stores the two times i tried] I'm sure my home made jobs are cooler then a borb. As far as attaching them one i used JB weld the other i used the super glue method if you want to get fance you can use arctic silver-2 for your thermal compound and then arctic silver glue instead of super glue but i'm to impatient to wait for the mail order stuff.
dat (Jun 24, 2001 09:43 p.m.):
Anyone have a blue orb on their radeon? If so, how did you put it on, since you cant clear caps that are on the left side of the chip to get it centered?

I made this suggestion a few days ago, You can also use just Arctic Silver Adhesive full strength, if you dont plan on removing the Blorb

If you rotate the Blorb it will clear the caps on the left side if the Chip, I know this cause I mounted a Blorb for a friend on his Radeon, there is a semi space where the wires come out on the blorb to clear the chip. If you still have a clearance problem Use a file or a dremmel and file doen the blorb to fit.
I used the Blorb with the tabs for the Geforce, since that was all my local shop had. I dremaled off the tabs, and the space in the fins that was open because of them fit perfectly around the cap that was in the way. This was a Radeon LE though, it might be different for a regular model, don't know.