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Radeon 32mb DDR

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No no!! ATI Radeon 32mb is still faster than the MX.. Keep your sweety card. You could've gotten that Radeon for much less price but.. still... not too bad. just my opinion. :)
The lower prices probably refer to the LE and VE models, though. Is there any difference between these and the retail one?
Retail= 166 core/mem hyper-z enabled
Le=148 core/mem hyper-z not enabled (can be enabled very easily, i clocked my LE to 191/191 so no problems there)
VE= i believe is clocked the same as the LE but has dual monitor support.

Definitly the LE is the way to go for 80$, it spanks the Mx and even beats the GTS in a few areas. Sorry for my assault on the MX but all the benches ive been have compared to the GTS so it really shouldnt be compared to the Mx IMO.
oops.. yes you're right. I assumed it was a LE version of Radeon. sorry.. you have a regular version of Radeon 32mb. I heard that the Radeon 32mb LE can have its BIOS flashed so it will perform equal to a regular version of Radeon 32mb. There are lots of discussion on the flashing Radeon LE in the forums like Anandtech.com video section. There should be someone who can help you here too... but I donno about flashing.. sorry.
Go with the Radeon, the MX is starting to reach the end of its life cycle, especially on the newer games coming out.
the full 64mb version isn't too much more, and I rather like my radeon 64.
there isnt any difference between dissabled and 4x in benchmarking with 3dmark 2000 with my 64 meg ddr so i dont think you would see a difference
It_The_Cow (Jun 11, 2001 11:54 a.m.):
Has anyone noticed any setbacks when using this card in AGP 2x as compared to 4x

I had the radeon 32mb ddr on my board which supports 4x, sold that radeon to a friend who only has 2x and i truthfully couldnt notice any difference.