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Radeon 8500 mod

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Jan 26, 2002
NH Biodiesel master
Can anyone show me a pic of a moded Radeon 8500 with a corb and ramsinks? I am awaiting my stuff for this mod and wanna make sure that I get the ramsinks on the right side. I know this may sound stupid but since heat rises does it make more sense to mount them on the top or is the bottom better?
You are going to need them on both sides. Other wise you are only cooling 1/2 of your memory. better order some more ram sinks. With the ord you may have to cut a piece of it out, and it does not sit on the center of the GPU either.
I don't have ram sinks on my 8500 yet, but i have a corb on it, didn't have to modify it in any way and it's sitting dead center of the gpu, I know there are some people who have said that it's a tight fit once the card is put into the agp slot, that the corb is right on the adjacent pci slot which prevents the card from seating properly, but if you use the 2 small silver dots in the bottom left and top right coner of the gpu to align the corb, it fits perfect with just enough room to seat all the way and still be able to slide a normal piece of paper in between the HS and adjacent PCI slot, it is close, but, has no detrimental effects on the card or motherboard....:D
Oops sorry my fault. I though that it said blue orb, not crystal. You should be all set.
i have a crystal orb on mine and it works great. it should fit
right, just no push pins so u need arctic alumina. i mixed mine
with as II.