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Radeon 8500

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Jun 16, 2001
`i dont think Anyone said they had the same performance, what people did say was that the added performance was not worth 200$ the Ti4600 is nowhere near 3 times as fast maybe 20-30% faster....8500 gives more bang for buck....


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Aug 8, 2001
Sunshine State, USA
I totally agree with FunnyP, as the 8500 is still the best bang for the buck.....I was always a anti proponent of ATI and I have to say they are starting to do things right, it seems they are spitting drivers out left and right these days......in the past Ati driver development was at best a joke.

PS its interesting that the new Geforces and Radeons are starting to use tinyBga memory. I'd like to see how real world overclocking results are with these cards. :burn:
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Dec 20, 2000
Los Angeles
I note that it is being benched against an LE ??? I'm a long time user of ATI and nVidia, too bad Power Video and ST dropped the Kyro - we could have seen even lower vidcard prices in the fight for market dominance - or maybe nVidia would have pulled another "Voodoo" move and bought out PV too. They'd probably buy ATI if they could but thankfully for us all they can't, unless of course a bunch of people fork out way too much cash for a way overpriced product - then maybe they will.

For the $150 (after $50 rebate) that I paid for my 8500 you know where you can stick that $400 nVidia G4Ti4600. Let's see what the differences in fps and 3dmark are when you compare the 8500 w/128m memory instead of the LE version. If your going to point out the differences between the two manufacturers you could have at least found a site that is comparing the top of the line for BOTH.

I'd rather take my savings and get a better cpu/mobo combo with some good memory - some people have more money than sense, and while I'm on the subject - keep your "My nVidia card is better than your ATI card" comments in the nVidia forum where it belongs and where all the nVidia fans can say "yeah, see - I told you my card is faster than yours." Unless you have something constructive or helpful to say take your digs elsewhere.

Sorry about the rant but I'm tired of reading that "my nVidia is better than your ATI" and my "Athlon is better than your Intel" or vice-versa for that matter - give us all a break will you? - and if you can't live without making those comments then make them on another site.