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Radeon 8500LE Booting Problem

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Jan 31, 2002
ON, Canada
Greetings all

I've got a problem with my video not booting up at POST. The computer thinks for a bit, HD light stays on but nothing happens and the video does not transfer.

If I press reset - nothing. If I turn the computer off, wait a couple minutes and turn it back on, it works fine.

Is my video card overheating? It's stock-clocked...



Jun 14, 2002
Hampton Roads. VA
Try reducing the number of varibles you are dealing with. Strip everything out of the PC except for the motherboard, cpu/heatsink, ram, psu and video card. See if the system will post normally with just those parts. If it does, add one itemback into the system at a time until you get back to having the problem. Then you will know what is causing the problem.

If you still have the problem with just the above listed items in the system, try swappig out the video card for a different model. Also try swapping out the memory. If you have more then one stick of ram, just use one.

Hope it helps.