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Radeon 8500's

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Jun 30, 2001
Toronto, Canada
Hi guys...back here again cause i got an issue to resolve. Im planning on buying anew video card. With the release of the new Geforce4's, im sure the price of the Geforce3Ti500's will go down. But there is still the issue of the Radeon 8500's. Im not sure whether they are better than the Gforce3's. I can get them for about $400 (Canadian) and i can get the Radeon 8500 retail for $300 (canadian)....ALso, i can get the OEM Hercules Radeon 8500 for 229, but does that come with the stock speeds? Cause i hear that the OEM's come with slightly slower clock speeds, is this true even for the Hercules? What is you guys' opinion on this. Please post your response along with a reason (pleed your case, heh)

thnx guys...
I believe both the Hercules and Gigabyte Radeon 8500 (64meg version) Both have a core and memory of 275/275

Originally the Gigabyte radeon was supposed to ship with faster memory(3.3ns) than the Made By ATI retail version 3.3-3.6ns

The thing is the Gigabyte has Hardware monitoring that measures the GPU temps and a slew of other great features.....Dunno if the Hercules has those features.

IMHO the 8500 retail is the best bang for the buck at the moment.

I may sell my OEM 8500 and get a Gigabyte version in the future...My oem is a sweet card as it did 300/300 right out of the box with no voltage modding nor Bios Flash(just used Powerstrip to raise the core and memory)
I am actually not all that interested in the bundled package. I strictly need performace/price video card. I dont know whether the Radeon 8500 is better than the Geforce3Ti500's. How does it compare? I have been a nVidia supporter but no i think they are chargin outrageous prices....how is the Hercules 8500 compared to the Radeon 8500 of ATI (boxed)? are speeds the same? is performance the same? enlighten me with your knowledge. Give me info that will help me make a wise decision...
well if you want performance for the price, go with a
radeon retail for sure. they are even with ti 500 and
100 canadian less.

when gigabyte releases some REAL drivers they should
stomp those ti's back to where they came from!!
Who cares about the drivers. The Radeons graphics look much better than the GF3. If you care more about a small increase in 3Dmark than what your games will look like then you should continue to hold your neck between your thighs and get the Gf4.

There is no comparison between these 2 cards graphics. I have both and would trade 2 GF3's for one Radeon 8500 AIW if that was the going price.
OK, I have the following choices: I can't decide as I haven't had a good vid card in a while. So, please help me on this one.

Hercules Radeon 8500LE Retail (250/250)
Hercules Radeon 8500LE OEM (250/250)
Joytech Apollo Radeon 8500 OEM (250/250)
Asus V8200T2 Geforce3 Ti200
MSI Ti 200 Geforce3 Ti200
ATI Radeon 7500 Retail

I'm leaning towards an 8500 or 8500LE. I'm leaning more towards the Hercules as that has more of a name than Joytech, but it is the LE.