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Radeon 9000 pro agp 8x?

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Jul 14, 2002
Royal oak, Mi
I have a radeon 9000 pro on the way back from an RMA, and i was reading a review on toms hardware that said it was 8x compatible. and i looken around the ati site and found this.

Comprehensive 2X and 4X AGP support. Compatible with AGP 8X universal motherboards

what does that mean. i don't have an 8x board but it would be nice to know if it would work, with one.
Your Sapphire is as you know a 9000 series ATI Radeon.
Check here for the exact information by model number of the board you have (the ugly white sticker). It shall tell all.


Although the 8x was also assumed, I can say this board merely matches my present system and as such will not go to my next.
As it turns out the info on my board per the site 2x/4x

Let me know if you clock it up, and if you added a fan?
ATI and quiet = less expensive to make.
i can get it up to 300/600 with stock cooling, all i added was some as3 on the gpu.i could go higher since my MB can change the agp voltige. but the card just gets to hot.
All current 9000 series cards are AGP 4x native but can work at 2x as well . What ATI is saying is that the cards can work in 8x boards , though they will not work at 8x speeds .This is important for them to differentiate from the 8x problems which occur with many boards and the initial 9700 pro revision .

ATI apparently does have plans afoot to release 8x capable 9000 and 9000 pro cards. But none are out currently ( as far as I know ) .
i've just was looken at ocsystem.com ( i don't know why) but the have all their 9000's advertised as 8x even sapphire cards. and evenr the sapphire website onlys says thier 4x. i've always had a dislike ocsystem.com. they are real big into false advertising.
My brother has a 9000. Wish I got him an 8500 now though.:(
Anyhow, I doubt you would see ANY difference in speed with an 8x APG though. Correct me if I am wrong, but i think that almost all video card GPUs are incapable of filling up 4x, never mind 8x, especially a R9K.
yea i guess now, ati is making them 8x it has changed what it use to say, and now it says 2x-8x oh well but i still don't think sapphire makes an 8x yet.
It is really sad when one sees the needless confusion caused when sites like Tom's publish typos and don't fix them .

Again I make the point there are no current cards out there based on the 9000 which have 8x . They will work at 4x on 8x motherboards . indeed ATI plans to put out 8x capable 9000 series cards hopefully before the end of the year ; but there are none right now . Incidentally the 8x 9000 card may well be called the 9100 as is hinted by the latest leaked drivers . Is 8x going to be the only change ? I dunno .
yea, i hope they do something to the 9000. I I'm hopeing that the 9000 will be able to play newer games that a 8500 would have trouble with. but i don't see that happening since they are almost the same thing. i really like mine but i bought it only as a short tern investment. i plan to get a new card next summer befor i go away to college. the most importent thing to me right now is that by this time next year i have one bad a$$ gaming machine. how else could i spend my saturday nights. :beer:
Ya they should make the 9K stronger than the 8500. It is very confusing to the newby to find that the 8500 is so much stronger.