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Radeon help, PLEASE!!!!!!!!

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Dec 20, 2000
I got my radeon 64mb drr vivo today. I installed it and tried different buss speeds to get 3dMARK 2K1 to run stably, got it to run stable. Then I tried it with the Beta drivers, and my system got all messed up!!!! I removed everything buy un-installing it and then rebooted with it as a standard vga display adapter. Re-installed and my 3dmarks are all shot to hell!!! My framerates suck now!!! PLEASE HELP BEFORE I GO CRAZY!!!!!!
what driver were you using.and can you give me your marks.mine with the 64 meg ddr with the 7131 driver are 8378 640x480 16 bit double buffer and 5870 at defalt both on 3d mark 2000 on 2001 at 640x480 4197 and default 3371 im using a t-bird 900@1050 7.5x140fsb on kt7a.
Where did you get your drivers from?? the Beta ones I got are 7115... hook me up??? Also the first time I run a benchmark I get like 40-70 fpm if I abort and retry I get like 10-20 maxx fpm??? Weird???
Get a good tweaker for the Radeon. I've always used Humus' Raid-On Tweaker. the URL is
Once you have it, clean the registry settings out, then try one of the 3dmark profiles, or tweak the registry yourself for what you want. Sometimes registry settings get messed up and will kill your performance. You can also tweak a lot out of the Radeon. I would also make a point to visit rage3d as harderclock mentioned, its a great site for Radeon owners.